A story derived from true events

The Indian travel market was always full of choices for the travel enthusiast. But for pet lovers, the lack of options to travel along with their pets, was a definite setback.

After being subject to a similar heart-breakinging decision to leave her doting pet behind while embarking on a trip, Rukmini (Founder Collarfolk) hit upon a brilliant idea to make travelling with pets a real possibility! So when she approached MADARTH to translate this heartfelt emotion into a brand, that was the inception of Collarfolk and our journey forward.

Defying the conventional Indian travel

As pet-lovers ourselves, it was not very difficult for us to fall in love with this brilliant concept at first go. In this case, it was not just a matter of brand positioning but also being able to turn heads in an otherwise saturated travel landscape while working on very limited budget.

So we began by creating a strong visual style, a unique brand persona and a warm yet humorous tone of voice through which our creative could spark excitement among fellow pet-lovers. The goal was to enable travelers to not just travel with pets but collectively embark on an adventure!

The brilliance of an idea often lies in its simplicity

Logo creation:

From the very beginning, it was important for us to keep our message as simple as possible while still striking a chord with all fellow pet-lovers. In simple terms, we played around with the thought of what such a journey could mean to pets who were simply inseparable from their pet parents! The answer was very simple: Happy Pets! And the easiest way to capture this emotion you ask? Why, simply a wagging tail!

A completely new ball game - Segregating Experiences

The all-new Collarfolk website was designed with the idea to empower and enthuse pet-lovers to seamlessly begin one of many adventures with their pets. We paid special attention to guaranteeing the best possible user experience as we developed the flow for the site with some tasteful tech considerations. This was accompanied by a range of brilliant and engaging visuals that captured the essence of the brand message.

But this was not all. Our target audience was one that was always on the go- in search of the next adventure with their pets. So being able to create a responsive site design that spanned across all devices and was easily accessible to them was the need of the hour. By developing unique screen experiences optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, it became possible to keep this community connected at all times!

Getting heard digitally

To bring the idea of vacationing with pets close and up-front with our strong community of pet-lovers, the main objective was to create excitement around the idea and emphasize on Collarfolk being a brand that actually made this happen!

We developed a comprehensive digital strategy based on the demographic of pet-lovers and travel enthusiasts. Using a blend of various social media platforms to deliver rich content as well as launch relevant campaigns, we were able to project a strong brand presence, organically driving traffic to the website.

Preferred by pet-lovers!

Our efforts materialized in more ways than one! With all the traction that we received for the website, high quality leads materialized into an average of 25 bookings per month within a year of its launch as well as a strong connected community of 4000+ genuine pet lovers on Facebook!