Empowering healthy living

In an already saturated UK health supplement market, Neo Liva looked to provide a refreshing take on empowering healthy living by magnifying the benefits of Energy and Vitality. Our challenge was to be able to capture and appeal to an informed, health conscious target segment while still keeping Neo Liva afloat of generalization among other similar brands.

Turning over a new leaf

When it came to communicating the brand differentiator, our communication held its own amongst the sea of other similar health supplement brands vying for the consumer attention. We decided to symbolically emphasize on bringing out the goodness of nature and urging consumers to embrace the active side of life. A customized typeface with a vibrant green heart-shaped leaf encapsulated the brands core messaging strategy entirely.

Packaging wellness

There were several elements to consider when it came to packaging. The brand’s logo extension was used along one side as an independent design element in order to reinforce the continuity of the brand messaging. Clear, bold type font against a clean white background with independently colored and customized strips below the product name gave it a strong shelf presence.