Breaking down a complex problem

With data leaks on the rise, the vulnerability of sharing data set off ripples of anxiety in most large and small enterprises alike. Identifying this gap, SecurelyShare delivered a dynamic business module that equipped even the non-technical folks to simply: Click.Secure.Share!

The challenge: Despite having a disruptive idea at its core, SecurelyShare was finding it difficult to communicate its core benefit to the target audience.

Authenticating reliability

Our intensive UX research revealed that the cluttered information and irregular site makeup failed to bring out the simplicity of its solution. More often than not, driving customers away. It was imperative for us to take this into consideration and adopt a thoughtful well-researched approach when it came to developing the all-new SecurelyShare website.

Starting with a full revamp of the user experience, we designed a responsive structure that would enable users to seamlessly navigate through the site pages and easily direct them to the prime offering. Establishing credibility as a reliable brand in which enterprises could entrust their sensitive data was the greatest priority. Our Strong messaging spoke appealingly to enterprises by reinforcing their convenience, ultimately driving conversions.

Gateway to larger audiences

With a strongly differentiated UX/UI enabled website and upfront market offering, SecurelyShare was well on its way to capturing a greater market share than before!