Tradition through generations

Spanning over eight decades of family experience and passion in the art of Saree designing, Sundari Silks had become synonymous with elegance and simplicity.They wove their ancient heritage and a strong cultural presence through the rich and lustrous silk weaves patiently crafted by their in-house weavers.

Inviting tradition into a modern world

After decades of delivering exclusive traditional designs catering to anelite crowd, Sundari Silks soon realised that their designs had to break past the conventional perception of traditionto capture a place in the hearts of a much younger demographic- the Millennials, who were hungry for self-expression.

An epic brought to life

To execute such a campaign we knew we had to come up with something truly unique that was sure to persuade and kindle curiosity amongst millennials.In the following weeks, we delved down our cultural roots with the intent to spin a modern twist on our findings.

Keeping in mind the theme of Diwali, we decided to base our campaign on the great Indian epic of Ramayana in a way that would allow today’s modern generation to interact liberally with the story line. This resulted in an engaging story line interpreting the modern woman of today, against the backdrop of various visually stunning frames throughout the story of Ramayana.