Thriving in a dynamic business environment

TiE Chennai had always held its own when it came to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. For TiECON Chennai 2017, their annual flagship conference, they collaborated with MADARTH to further magnify this grandeur and establish it as the largest and most sought-after event in the Indian entrepreneurial calendar.

With TiECON being scheduled in less than 4 months, our greatest challenge was to strategize around achieving high-quality lead conversions through a fast-paced digital platform.

Strategic value creation

Upon brainstorming, we settled on specific objectives that would drive measurable results. These were:

  • Acquiring an increased number of delegates
  • Expanding a connected community
  • Creating a buzz around the conference while breaking past an overly active, competitive landscape
  • Maintaining an active Social Media Presence throughout the conference

Translating ideas into opportunities

In order to stand out in a swamped digital territory, it was crucial for us to make TiECON an easily accessible and coveted platform through an engaging online experience. This meant being able to seamlessly hitch branding, content and promotional tactics under one roof. This would drive website traffic, acquire new delegates while retaining an existing community and generate buzz around one of India’s greatest entrepreneurial opportunities.

Reaching entrepreneurs digitally

Over the next few months, we executed several campaigns, with a dedicated focus to increasing lead conversions across various communication verticals. This meant distinct un-cluttered website content, clear value-proposition mailers and high-performing ads across the digital ad space, through to continual engagement and promotional content across the online social arena. We ensured maximization on all digital resources.

Results that impress!

Our creative execution across all touch points led to hard-hitting results! TiECON Chennai 2017 resulted in a grand success with a greater number of delegate attendance compared to the previous year. Our engagement across social media platforms also garnered a great deal of mileage for TiECON. This consequently led to an increased hike in its reputation amongst the entrepreneurial community.